Mindful Movement is your best choice for Pilates in Dallas TX

  • We are the premier boutique Pilates studio in Dallas, Turtle Creek, Highland Park and Uptown Dallas.
  • Our certified Pilates instructors cater to our clients individual needs and Pilates goals keeping their Pilates workouts fun yet challenging in a nurturing environment.
  • Bigger is not always better, we take a smart approach to fitness and our clients see the benefits!
  • Our private Pilates studio offers private Pilates, duet Pilates and small group reformer classes.

Come and transform your body at Mindful Movement Pilates studio in Dallas.

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Our Mission

Raise the standard of Pilates in Dallas. To provide authentic Pilates instruction based on the principles set forth by Joseph Pilates, enabling our clients to reshape their body and stimulate their mind so they are a better person when they leave the studio.

Experience Authentic Pilates Tailored to YOUR Needs

Are you craving personalized experience and results that don’t disappoint?

Mindful Movement in uptown Dallas is the oasis of serenity where you can experience truly personal attention during each Pilates session (whether its’ a group class or a Private session.) Every session is all about YOU, it is as unique as your own fingerprint and is designed thoughtfully for results and your goals.

  1. Private Studio – Zero distractions: In a private or small group setting you will be in an environment that fosters success and results.
  2. Integrity: We are committed to integrity to our clients, studio, Community and ourselves. We will respect, maintain boundaries, protect confidentiality and acknowledge the limitations of the ability to treat and to refer out when needed.
  3. Fully Certified Pilates Instructors: All of the instructors at Mindful Movement are comprehensively trained on all pieces of Pilates equipment and possess the necessary skills to give you a workout that will produce results.
  4. Small classes: 3 participants max for Pilates Reformer class – structured like privates.
  5. Full Amenities: We have a shower and products to get ready with.
  6. Approach: No two bodies are the same so we train the body that is in front of us. We will work with your needs and goals and will create the perfect Pilates workout that will help you move and feel better.

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I appreciate that you push me because you know I can do it, even when I don’t. I’m just amazed at what I can do. I say thank you, thank you, thank you and I look forward to every Pilates class.

pilates testimonial
Ralph R

You will not find a better Pilates studio that has you in mind. In one hour we accomplish what it would take me a week if working out on my own. I will never go anywhere else

pilates testimonial
Laura H

I consider Pilates a wonderful gift to my body. It is hard work that takes concentration, practice, and persistence. I am a man in my fifties who started pilates instruction over 5 years ago and have found myself becoming stronger, more flexible, and more aware of the muscles in body. I credit Mindful Movement- a Pilates Studio for where my body is today, thank you!

pilates testimonial
David C

Pilates has been the one workout that I have stayed with because of how it makes me feel. Kylene is an excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and always makes me feel like a VIP client. Most importantly, she takes an active interest in my personal goals and expectations and always keeps my physical limitations in mind so we can easily work through and around them

pilates testimonial
Wendy M


3720 Rawlins St, Dallas TX, 75219 – Suite L